Personal Injury

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Georgia &  Texas

Turn to A/V rated Tommy Lee Maddox when you need help navigating the legal process.  He can help you receive the compensation you deserve. With offices conveniently located in Roswell, Canton, and now Houston, we have a personal injury lawyer that Georgia and Texas residents rely upon when it comes to accident injury claims, premises related injuries, and wrongful death.

Lives can be tragically altered or lost due to a third party’s negligence in the cases of injuries brought on by a dog bite, motorcycle or bicycle accident, wrongful death, car or  automobile accident, or truck collision. Injuries can result from medical negligence, slippery liquid on the floor of a store causing a fall, or negligence caused by a co-worker or an outside third party while working at your job. Damages can pile up on an injury victim but we can help you recover from your circumstances.

Damages are can be numerous and hard to quantify into dollars and cents. Examples include the following:

  • Physical Disability
  • Physical or Personal Injury
  • Loss of Life Valuation
  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Income
  • Mediation Costs

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Do you have questions about the unknown world of an insurance injury claim? Let Tommy Lee Maddox help you weed through the numerous issues involved. DO NOT DISCUSS YOUR CLAIM WITH THE OTHER INSURANCE COMPANY!  Call us so that your interests will be protected and preserved. Request a free initial consultation now.