Dog Bites upon Delivery Driver

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Online purchasing has resulted in the ever expanding use of home delivery by drivers for Federal Express – FedEx, UPS, Amazon, and even USPS. With this, the frequency of dog bite attack incidents involving delivery drivers are on the rise. Attorney Tommy Lee Maddox can assist you with these claims in Georgia, Texas, and Washington D.C.

A homeowner is under a duty to take reasonable steps to insure that the approaches to the home are safe for folks who come to the house to conduct business. Delivery men and women arrive at the request of the homeowner to conduct business i.e. make the delivery of items purchased. As such, the homeowner owes a duty to the delivery person to protect them from, or warn them as to the presence of, an aggressive dog.

Delivery driver attacks occur daily resulting in serious injury and even death. With forty years of experience in dog bite litigation, lawyer Tommy Lee Maddox can help you obtain a financial recovery for your injury, permanent scarring, lost income, medical expenses, and/or loss of life. We are A/V rated and are here to serve you.

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